Application fields of XREL

Since the first successful engine airplane flight by the Wright brothers in 1903, engineers have spent tremendous efforts securing passengers carrying flights. The level of security reached today is probably far beyond what the Wright brothers could dream of. However, X-REL can help you going even further with its range of highly reliable ICs. High-Temperature devices are unavoidable in engine control and electric actuation. Sensing and controlling rocket boosters and thrusters is not possible without temperature hardened components. X-REL products are made to fulfill these extreme specification requirements, increasing the overall system reliability. Recent evolutions in aircraft engines also foster the use of High-Temperature Electronics with the strong need to reduce gas emissions and meet the new standards. As engine compartments get hotter and control strategies are refined, the need for High-Temperature Electronics is increasing radically. X-REL accomplishes unique product in terms of reliability and is committed to provide robust and easy to use solutions with the best customer support.

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