Application fields of XREL

As technology is evolving, the consumer home equipment is becoming smarter and smarter. High-Reliability and High-Temperature Electronics can make our lives easier and safer. Embedding smart sensors in cooking stoves and ovens or other heating appliances can massively increase safety. Thanks to High-Temperature latest technologies, an empty pan going too high in temperature could be detected and shut off.

Home automation has to take the full benefit from the evolution of electronics to make smarter, nicer, and more efficient all the parts of the consumer’s home. New generation boilers will integrate multiple sources of energy: fuel cell, solar, wind, oil and gas. This new generation of homes supplying energy will bring extremely complex applications, with some parts of the energy generation system reaching high temperatures. Monitoring and controlling the system globally will require the extensive use of High-Temperature electronics. X-REL is ready to support you to develop the next generation of consumer electronics, and make our houses greener, safer and more comfortable.

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