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1.Collection of Personal Information
Visitors to the X-REL Semiconductor Website are not required to reveal any personal information in order to use many of the features of the site. However, in some instances, X-REL Semiconductor requests that users provide certain personal information in order to facilitate future communications, make a purchase of X-REL Semiconductor's products, or receive software, tools, information or other materials from X-REL Semiconductor.

2.What does X-REL Semiconductor do with my personal information ?
X-REL Semiconductor will use the information you provide for legitimate business purposes, such as to facilitate future communications with you, assist you in making a purchase of X-REL Semiconductor products, or respond to your request for X-REL Semiconductor information and materials. X-REL Semiconductor will never share your personal information with third parties. X-REL Semiconductor reserves the right to collect and share personal information as part of an investigation or response to a violation of X-REL Semiconductor terms and conditions, fraud, illegal activities or other actions or threats which may damage X-REL Semiconductor.
Last updated: May 9, 2011.

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