Application fields of XREL

X-REL Semiconductor designs and manufactures a wide range of state-of-the-art components for High-reliability and High-temperature applications in extremely demanding markets such as Aeronautics and Space, Transportation and Automotive, Well Drilling, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Military.
Targeting applications such as power conversion, control, data acquisition, signal conditioning, timing and interfacing, our products offer enhanced reliability and superior performance over existing solutions. X-REL products are qualified to reliably operate from -60°C (-76°F) to +230°C (+446°F), while remaining functional well outside this temperature range. X-REL products are intrinsically immune to latch-up and use especial technological steps to maximize allowed operating voltages, lifetime and reliability.
X-REL products can be used in applications where the operating environment is at extreme temperatures or whenever some part of the electronics itself makes temperature rise. Using X-REL products allows for reducing or simply removing the needs for cooling hence minimizing size, weight and overall cost.
Our commitment is on reducing overall system costs. This is achieved by keeping in mind application constraints all along the definition, development and manufacturing of our products, shortening its learning curve and easing its adoption. In addition, we integrate within our devices many functional features helping to reduce the final system bill of material (BoM).

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