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  • Operational beyond the -60°C to +230°C temperature range.
  • Drives P- as well as N-channel MOSFETs (VGS=5V).
  • Input-to-output stages offset voltage from -30V to +35V.
  • Operation as low-side or high-side driver.
  • Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) on PVDD domain.
  • Standard Schmitt-trigger CMOS input.
  • Plug-and-play with any digital 3.5V to 5V output.
  • Up to 1A sink/source current (@ Tj=+230°C).
  • Desaturation protection for both P- and N-channel MOSFETs.
  • Soft-shutdown function in case of desaturation detected.
  • Error reporting to digital controller.
  • Monolithic design.
  • Latch-up free.
  • Ruggedized ceramic SMD and through hole packages.
  • Also available as bare die.

The XTR25410 gate driver family is an extremely flexible floating driver allowing the control of either PMOS or NMOS transistors (VGS=5V) and designed for extreme reliability and high temperature applications. XTR25410 is intended to drive both high-side and low-side switches by converting the digital input signal into a floating control signal referenced to PVDD-PGND. The driver operates in both negative and positive configurations with possible offsets between input and output of -30V to +35V. XTR25410 parts can be directly driven by any digital output, making them fully plug-and-play devices. This driver features full short circuit protection by means of desaturation detection of the external transistor after a blanking time, with soft turn-off feature and reporting the fault through the ERR pin. Undervoltage protections are provided for floating voltage power supplies. The device also includes an Error status output that can be used as an Enable. Full functionality is guaranteed from -60°C to +230°C, though operation well below and above this temperature range is achieved. XTR25410 family parts have been designed to reduce system cost and ease adoption by reducing the learning curve and providing smart and easy to use features. Parts from the XTR25410 family are available in ruggedized SMD and through hole hermetic packages, as well as bare die.
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  • Reliability-critical, Automotive, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Down-hole.
  • DC/DC converters, point-of-load power converters, switching power supplies, PWM control, motor drive, floating or ground-connected switches, Power switches (GaN).

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Product Reference Temperature Range Package Pin Count Marking
XTR25410-BD-60°C to +230°CBare dieXTR25410
XTR25411-D-60°C to +230°CCeramic side brazed DIP16XTR25411

       Other packages and packaging configurations possible upon request.
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DS-00467-13-XTR25410-High temperature 35V floating driver

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