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  • Operational beyond the -60°C to +230°C temperature range.
  • Supply voltage from 4.5V to 35V.
  • Integrated charge-pump inside pull-up driver allowing 100% duty-cycle PWM control signal.
  • Internal 5V LDO regulator.
  • Safe start-up of normally-on devices.
  • Isolated data transmission through multi-channel transceiver.
  • Half bridge cross-conduction protection.
  • Pull-up driver with 4A peak current and 1A continuous current capability at Tc=230°C.
  • Pull-down driver with 2.4A peak current capability at Tc=230°C.
  • On-chip active Miller clamp switch.
  • Resistor-programmable under voltage lockout (ULVO).
  • Resistor-programmable over-current protection level (rail-to-rail, positive and negative current sense).
  • Latch-up free.
  • Ruggedized SMT packages.
  • Also available as bare die.

XTR26020 is a high-temperature, high reliability isolated power transistor driver designed to provide a robust, reliable, compact and efficient solution for driving a large variety of high-temperature, high-voltage, and high-efficiency power transistors. XTR26020 is able to drive normally-On and normally-Off power transistors in Silicon Carbide (SiC), Gallium Nitride (GaN) and standard silicon, including JFETs, MOSFETs, BJTs, SJTs and MESFETs.
The XTR26020 driver implements unprecedented functionality for high-temperature drivers allowing safe operation at system level by preventing any cross-conduction between high-side and low-side switches, through isolated communication between high-side and low-side drivers. Other features include internal voltage regulator, 4-channel transceiver (2 TX and 2 RX) for isolated data transmission with the microcontroller and between high side and low side drivers. The XTR26020 includes one pull-up gate-drive-channel (PU_DR) capable of sourcing a typical 4A peak current and two pull-down gate-drive-channels capable of sinking a typical 2.4A peak current (PD_DR and PD_MC). The PD_DR channel is used for the effective turn-off of the power transistor, while PD_MC channel is used for Active Miller Clamping (AMC) function thanks to its internal gate level detection.
The circuit includes soft shut-down capability that slowly shuts down the power transistor in case of fault. The XTR26020 is able to detect failures due to over-current in the power switch (rail-to-rail, positive and negative current sense) or to UVLO detected on the power supply. In addition, safe start-up and cross-conduction protection are implemented to guarantee safe operation at system level.
The XTR26020 can be used standalone but also as a controller with multiplied drive capabilities using the XTR25020, which is the driver part of the XTR26020 without the isolation transceiver.
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  • Reliability-critical, Automotive, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Down-hole, Energy Conversion, Solar.
  • Intelligent Power Modules (IPM).
  • Motor drives.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
  • Power inverters.
  • Power conversion and power factor correction (PFC).
  • DC/DC converters and switched mode power supplies (SMPS).
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Product Reference Temperature Range Package Pin Count Marking
XTR26020-BD- 60°C to +230°CBare dieXTR26020
XTR26021-LJ- 60°C to +230°CCeramic LJCC28XTR26021

       Other packages and packaging configurations possible upon request.
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DS-00511-13-XTR26020-High Temperature Isolated Intelligent Gate Driver

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