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XTR50010 - High Temperature Bidirectional Level Translators

  • Operational beyond the -60°C to +230°C temperature range.
  • Supply voltage from 2.5V to 5.5V.
  • OE/DIR input can be referenced to VCCA or VCCB.
  • Up to ±8mA output drive (Directional).
  • Max Data Rates (Bidirectional)
         - 16Mbps (Translate to 5V)
         - 12Mbps (Translate to 3.3V)
         - 8Mbps (Translate to 2.5V)
  • Max Data Rates (Directional)
        - 60Mbps (3.3 to 5V)
        - 40Mbps (2.5 to 5V)
        - 30Mbps (Translate to 3.3V)
        - 20Mbps (Translate to 2.5V)
  • Ruggedized SMT packages.
  • Also available as bare die.

The XTR50010 is a family of bidirectional level translators that can be used for data communication between devices or systems operating at different supply voltages. XTR50010 is able to operate
from -60°C to +230°C, with supply voltages from 2.5V to 5.5V.
In XTR50011 or XTR50012, the communication direction between An and Bn ports are automatically and independently sensed by the circuit. This allows simultaneous data flow in any direction.
In XTR50014 or XTR50015, the DIR logic-level input is used to control the data flow direction. The DIR input can be powered by either VCCA or VCCB. This brings more flexibility at system level. Parts from the XTR50010 family are available in ruggedized SMT and through-hole packages. Parts are also available as bare dies.
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  • Reliability-critical, Automotive, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Down-hole.
  • Level shifted data transmission.
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Product Reference Temperature Range Package Pin Count Marking
XTR50010-TD-60°C to +230°CTested bare dieXTR50010
XTR50011-D-60°C to +230°CCeramic side brazed DIP16XTR50011
XTR50014-D-60°C to +230°CCeramic side brazed DIP16XTR50014
XTR50014-S-60°C to +230°CCeramic SOIC16XTR50014

       Other packages and packaging configurations possible upon request.
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DS-00501-13-XTR50010-High Temperature Bidirectional Level Translators Family

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