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XTR1K1210 - HIGH TEMPERATURE, 10A, 1200V SiC Schottky DIODE

  • Operational beyond the -60°C to +230°C temperature range.
  • Reverse voltage up to 1200V.
Forward voltage IF=10A:
  1. VF= 1.7V @ +25°C.
  2. VF= 3.7V @ +230°C.
  • Positive temperature coefficient for safe operation and ease paralleling.
  • Extremely fast switching not dependent on temperature.
  • Essentially no reverse or forward recovery.
  • Ruggedized thru-hole packages.

XTR1K1210 is 10A, 1200V 4H-SiC junction barrier Schottky diode able to reliably operate from -60°C to +230°C, with junction temperature able to reach +250°C.
This diode has zero reverse recovery charge, which makes it ideally suited for high-frequency and high-efficiency power sys-tems with minimum or no cooling requirements.
XTR1K1210 has been designed to reduce system cost and ease adoption.
The XTR1K1210 is available in ruggedized thru-hole packages. 
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  • Reliability-critical, Automotive, Aeronautics & Aerospace, Down-hole.
  • Power converters, motor drives, switched-mode power sup-plies, power factor conversion.

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Product Reference Temperature Range Package Pin Count Marking
XTR1K1210-T-60°C to +230°CTO-257AA3XTR1K1210

       Other packages and packaging configurations possible upon request.
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DS-00275-12-XTR1K1210-High-Temperature 10A, 1200V SiC Schottky Diode

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